May 2007-Coolest 24 Race Against Cancer Results:

May 2008-Coolest 24 Race Against Cancer Results:

Sept 2008-Tahoe Sierra 100/50:

May 2009-Coolest 24 Race Against Cancer Results:

June 2009-Boggs 24/8 Hour Race Results:

Sept 2009-Tahoe Sierra 100/50:

Oct 2009-Knickerbocker 8 hour/50 mile results:

May 2009-Auburn Crit Race Results:

2009-Leave No Trace Overall Series Points Standings-Men:

2009-Leave No Trace Overall Series Points Standings-Women:

May 30, 2010-Auburn Downtown Crit results:

May 1-2, 2010-Coolest 24/8 Hour Race Against Cancer Results:

2010-Boggs 24 Hour Results:

2010-Boggs 8 Hour Results:

Sept 2010-Tahoe Sierra 100/50:

Oct 16, 2010-Knickerbocker 50 mile results:

Oct 16, 2010-Knickerbocker 8 hour results:

2010-Leave No Trace Overall Series Points Finale-Men:

2010-Leave No Trace Overall Series Points Finale-Woman:

2011-King of the Mountain Hill Climb Results, San Jose, Ca:

May 1, 2011-Auburn Downtown Crit Results:

May 21, 2011-Boggs Bash Results:

June 18-19, 2011-Boggs 24 Hour Race Results:

8 Hour Solo

8 Hour Team

24 Hour Solo

24 Hour Team

August 13, 2011-Tahoe Sierra 100:

August 27-28, 2011-Coolest 24 Hour Race Against Cancer:

June 9-10, 2012-Hammerstein 8/24 Hour Race:

8 Hour Solo hammerstein-8-solo-results

24 Hour Solo hammerstein-24-solo-results

8 Hour Teams hammerstein-8-team-results

24 Hour Teams hammerstien-24-team-results

July 14, 2012-Tahoe Sierra 100 & 59: (Check out pictures in the photo gallery)

100 Mile results-ts100-2012

59 Mile results-ts59-2012

August 11-12, 2012 Coolest 24 Hour Race Against Cancer

8 Hour Solo 2012-coolest-8hr-solo-results

24 Hour Solo 2012-coolest-24hr-solo-results

8 Hour Team 2012-coolest-8hr-team-results

24 Hour Team 2012-coolest-24hr-team-results

May 25-26, 2013-Hammerstein 8/24 Hour Race

8 Hour Solo 2013-8-solo-hammerstein-results

24 Hour Solo 2013-24-solo-hammerstein-results

8 Hour Team 2013-8-team-hammerstein-results

24 Hour Team 2013-24-team-hammerstein-results

June 22-23, 2013 Coolest 24 Hour Race Against Cancer

8 Hour Solo 2013-coolest-8hr-solo-results

24 Hour Solo 2013-coolest-24hr-solo-results

8 Hour Team 2013-coolest-8hr-team-results

24 Hour Team 2013-coolest-24hr-team-results

Check out the video of the results! Righteous! (Right click and paste link below to browser)

July 27-28, Mammoth 24/8 Hour Race

24 and 8 Hour Solo mammoth-8-24-solo-results

24 and 8 Hour Team mammoth-24-8-team-results

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