Cool, CA
September 21, 2014


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The get along triathlon will have three trail user groups all working together. This is a first of its kind event. There will be 50 teams of three, equestrians, runners and a cyclists, with both mens and womens Ironman divisions.

The Equestrians will start first and head counter clockwise on the Olmstead loop. Mileage will be about 10-11 miles of fire road, double track and single track.

Runners will head out second running counter clockwise too. The runners course will be a little bit different than the equestrians course. This way we will not have runners coming up behind last minute equestrian riders and spooking the horses. The runners course will be about 10-11 miles long.

As runners come into the gravel parking lot/transition area, mountain bike riders will head out and tackle a 12-13 mile mountain bike course. There will most likely be around 1500-1700 ft of climbing. The mountain bike course will have everything, technical single track, fast fire road descends along with some nice climbs. For some of you that had not ridden to the bottom of the Old Auburn Dam Site on your mountain bikes, its a long hard climb out!!

There will be an ASRA $10.00 fee for all cars and a $20.00 fee for all horse trailers.

Please try and bring a smaller trailer. But if you choose to bring a big trailer, try and “horse pool” with another rider or two. There will be a limited amount of horse trailer parking in the Cool Equestrian parking area.

First come, first serve on the parking. All other trailers will park along the paved road within the park. Volunteers will send you to the end of the road to turn around and come back so all cars and trailers are pointed in the “exit” direction.

There will be one aid station out on the paved road, roughly around the have way point. There will be an EMT, and water for the horses, riders and runners.

Stay tuned for more information and GPS maps of the course. There will be a racer blog page set up for equestrians, runners and mountain bikers that are looking for a teammate.

(This is a RFID chipped timed event)

Equestrian Route Map

Runners Route Map